Website Design

I chose to combine the element of the ONE campaign into web form, using this site to display both the processed used during campaign development and the deliverables produced in final production. This enables each visitor to not only see the end result of the campaign, but also to learn more about how and why it was developed. Honestly, in a learning environment, I could choose to make this campaign go in any direction I see fit, so in this case, I consider the process much more important than the outcome. Obviously, the importance shifts when working with clients.


I designed this website using WordPress, primarily because after more than a decade of design and website deployment experience, I consider WP to be the premiere content management system (CMS) on the planet. In this particular instance, this site was designed and deployed in just a few days, something unheard of (generally speaking) in the web design world.

WordPress is the perfect platform for this site for a number of reasons, but the biggest reason is for increased functionality. I also build what I would call “stand alone websites” from scratch, but eventually, you’re going to end up using plugins and code sourced from other developers. Few websites are standalone with no use of outside code or programming foundations like Bootstrap and Foundation. As such, I chose to use a platform built around useful plugins. One that’s quick to deploy.

And that’s WordPress in a nutshell.


UI (User Interface)

The UI for this site is designed in achromatic format, calling special attention to the red accent color. This is the campaign’s designated color scheme for print and online products for one simple reason. It’s minimal in nature. The entire idea behind ONE is the idea of practical minimalism. That idea is best served by the supporting achromatic color scheme, with just a hint of flair (red accent color). This color scheme also draws particular attention where it’s needed most – the imagery. This is not an image-heavy format, but the imagery is weighted heavily, as it should be. This color scheme is designed to put the user at ease while visiting the site and it does just that.

UX (User Experience)

This site has one simple purpose, introducing the visitor to the idea of practical minimalism and the need to establish a guiding priority in life in order to achieve their goals. With that in mind, this site is designed in a large section format to better control what the user sees at any single point in time. It also contains just six pages, with each page retaining the ability to essentially serve as a one-page website. Video is a requirement of the project and is used in three instances in the site. I introduce it on the homepage, the Video page, and in the header areas of each interior page. Use of video provides a degree of user interaction and the informational video on the Home and Video pages is crucial information. I avoided using dropdown navigation to prevent confusion, although I did hide the navigation unless the user is already scrolling.