The Process

A designer’s process is unique to the individual, being heavily influenced by individual preference and workplace/client requirements. It’s been my experience that if you give the designer the freedom to work in the manner and environment they like best, they’re much more productive and creative. The images below outline some of the forms the elements of this project took on as I proceeded through the creative process. These are not final images, only snapshots of works in progress. For final images, see the Collateral page.


The Challenge

The challenge for this project involves attempting to solve the world’s biggest problems through the use of design, essentially by communicating a more effective message with an awareness campaign. I was asked to choose a cause that I believed in to serve as the base of this campaign, then provide deliverables including:

  • Research brief
  • Design Statement
  • Messaging
  • Logo & Identity
  • Poster
  • Collateral (brochure)
  • Peripherals (ancillary products)
  • Video campaign

The Solution

I chose a different approach to what most would consider “the norm.”  I choose not to have pet causes, which is what this project is about. Instead, I realize that the pet cause is usually not the cause.  The cause is usually a much larger issue. A philosophy. Values gone astray. A moral compass pointing in the wrong direction. And just what causes all of that? Generally, a lack of focus. Missing priorities. Not actually taking the time to think about what it is you’re doing and how you’re doing it.

So, I made this project about those priorities and focus and appropriately named this cause…ONE. As in, The One Thing.


Initial Development

Initial Graphics & Layout