"The Photographer"

"I was on a flight headed to a conference in Las Vegas once, and assessed my personal and professional values mid-flight. I was shocked. As it turned out, I spent most of my time working, pursuing contracts and new business when my Top 3 priorities in life had absolutely nothing to do with work. Once I aligned my personal and professional life with what I valued most, I achieved clarity. That clarity revealed my true artistic purpose. My Advice? Don't devote your time to people and things that don't really matter to you. Devote your life to your unique One Thing and never quit pursuing it. -- Trey jackson

Video Equipment

Medium Shot

Canon 70D
Canon EF 24-70mm
Extended Tripod

Wide Angle

Sony A6000
Tamron 15-30mm
Extended Tripod


Zoom H4N 4-channel
Giant Squid Lavalier Mic
Beats Stereo Headphones (Monitor)

The Shoot

Video Production (Post)